New series! Highschool of the Dead 1-3
We have released the first 3 episodes of Highschool of the Dead (1080p) to distro.

Coming to main on 6/19.
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More Kai
DBZ Kai 75-77 released to distro. Main on 5/20.

Update (5/25): Torrent has been created!
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Kai 71-74, Gundam Vol. 4
DBZ Kai 71-74 has been released to distro coming to main on 4/23.

Please note that if you happened to have downloaded any of these episodes already they may have been revised. They were mistakenly uploaded to a bot prior to this release. The versions being released today are the final/official ones and it is recommended you delete the old ones and download these.

You can obtain the CRC32 hashes from our releases page here.

Gundam Unicorn Vol. 4 was released to main a few days ago as well.
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Looking for more recruits
We are looking for
-Quality Checkers
-Bot Providers
-R2 Providers (Thats not from Share, PD, ADC).
-Karaoke Timer/Stylers

Want more info?

Discuss Here
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Kai 68-70
DBZ Kai 68-70 released to distro coming to main on 10/18.
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